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The Illumination

Book (2021) / Script (Draft Completed)

WWI - Western Front - 1917

Rights: K.J. Wetherholt, Michael Dalling, Philippe Rousselot

Locations: UK, Ireland, France

Synopsis: On the Western Front in 1918, during what was to have been the "war to end all wars," three people meet at an Allied camp near Amiens. One English, one American, and one Irish, they forge a friendship that transcends nationality, meeting firsthand the harrowing nature of a war which would devastate an entire generation.

Illumination-KJW Interview
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Praise for The Illumination (Novel)


The Illumination combines love, war, and man's search for self in a story that is both shocking and poetic. Her in-depth knowledge of the tactics, operations, and strategy of WWI trench warfare would alone make this book an important read. But it is her description of how the horrors of sustained combat impacts those who have experienced it that leaves one haunted. It is against this historically and emotionally accurate background that this novel truly takes flight, as Wetherholt masterfully weaves a tale of friendship and love forged in the hellish, blood-soaked trenches of the front. It is here, under the constant threat of violent death, that one is forced confront their humanity and fight to recognize their own soul. With enough turns to keep a seasoned reader off-balance, Wetherholt delivers a powerful story that will remain with you long after you have finished the last page.

-- Roger D. Carstens, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired)

The Illumination is a stunning book, and a rare perspective on a conflict that has now faded from living memory. While many novels have fixated on the coming of age story of young men at war, the author focused on a more difficult subject: the conclusion and aftermath of a global conflict. The characters are real and desperate to find something to hold on to in a world gone insane. This novel will speak to anyone who has ever shouted at a destructive world and found that God didn't even care to reply. The Illumination takes on greater urgency today, not because of its historical aspect but rather its predictive qualities as the Western world again seems poised to repeat the same mistakes we made 100 years ago.

-- Jack Murphy, Army Ranger and Green Beret (Retired), NYTimes Bestselling author and author of Murphy's Law

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