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Please find below information about services provided; as a professional with over 20 years of experience and exceptional reviews from clients, I sincerely look forward to helping you with your project.

Exclusive Services

I've been a Publisher/Executive Editor for over 20 years, most recently for MIPJ: Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Affairs, an internationally distributed book, journal, and multimedia publishing company. However, I have worked as an editor and consultant with those in policy, media, and academia in addition to writers of fiction, non-fiction, and those working on special projects (photo and art books), who needed help with the book's narrative.


Genres Preferred: 

  • Fiction (literary, historical, cultural, military/war, dystopian, etc.): taking a completed manuscript and maintaining an author's inspiration and voice toward a streamlined, original whole.

  • Non-Fiction (academic articles, dissertations, and monographs; journalism; photo and art books): helping authors in the initial stages to both focus and organize their thoughts and research through to a completed manuscript, including adherence to Chicago, MLA, or APA style guides (as well as AP style for journalism).

At the end of the collaboration, you will have a manuscript ready for an agent, publisher, or self-publishing (IngramSpark or KDP).

General Notice: Discussing a collaboration is not a commitment to consult or provide services. Only upon client acceptance of Terms and Conditions and accompanying payment for services (via Stripe) will the collaboration become a contract for services.
Further, should any manuscript be found to have plagiarized content, used AI for the majority of the text, or exhibit lack of proper attribution, the contract is considered breached and the client will have forfeited the right to a refund. 

General Consulting 

If you're at a starting point and overwhelmed, or you just need some general guidance to get started writing with certain ideas in mind, I'm available to help get thoughts and ideas together. Service via online chat or phone call.

Charge: per half-hour.


Editorial Assessment

If you have a first draft of a manuscript and you'd like to have a general, editorial/developmental assessment, indicating both manuscript strengths and where further work might need to be done, I give both:

  1. A markup of the actual document for specific comments (.docx); and

  2. A separate, broader and more general assessment (.pdf) with overarching comments in terms of the manuscript as a whole.

Charge: per 1000 words.



If you have a manuscript for which you need either initial or final proofreading/copyediting, I will proofread/copyedit designated chapters, sections, or the whole.

Charge: per 1000 words.


Research Development

If you are at a point at which you need specific research for a project/manuscript, and you're feeling overwhelmed, I can help you find specific, vetted resources for both overarching ideas as well as resources to help delineate specific points.

Charge: per half hour.

A Selection of Clients' Books
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